Extra-Curricular Activities

StarChild Academy offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to enhance your child's academic experience.  These activities are offered on our campus during the school day while your child is at StarChild Academy so that you never need to worry about transporting your child to another facility or waiting around for your child to finish their classes. 

We offer the following extra-curricular activities:


Four Ballet Dancers in Duvall Dance Academy Class
StarChild Academy offers extra-curricular dance classes taught by Kinderdance.
Kinderdance programs blend educational concepts with many forms of movement and dance. The programs help develop gross motor skills, movement, creativity and body awareness. Each is taught using lesson plans and original age appropriate music and songs. 

Kinderdance (ages 3 to 5) 
Is a developmental dance/movement and fitness program taught on 3 levels, teaching the basics of ballet, tap, acrobatics and creative movement while blending educational concepts. 

Kindertops (ages 3 to 5) 
Is a developmental gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development and body awareness, while learning numbers, colors, shapes and songs. 

Kindercombo (ages 6 to 8) 
Is a combination of ballet, tap, and modern dance program. This gives the young dance students a solid foundation upon which to build.

Classes will take place Monday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Please contact Connie Shea at 407 765-2236 for more information. 


Playball is an educational sport and movement program which aims to teach not only the physical skills, but also life skills, in a positive educational environment. 

The highly trained coaching staff conducts a 30 minute classes once per week at select education facilities.

Playball was started almost 30 years ago and is currently begin taught to over 300,000 children per week in 13 countries worldwide. By using sports as a means, Playball provides a sound base from which to develop every aspect of the bhild's life-phisical, emotional, social and cognitive.

Please contact Coach Mischa  407 448-9981    orlandoplayball@hotmail.com
Boy in Gym Buddies Gymnastics Class

Orlando City - Youth Soccer

Boy in Reeves Karate Class
Contact us at : 407 321 5264  ext 110

CyberKids Academy

Computer Classes (Ages 2 to 5)
  • Technical/Digital Skills 
  • Keyboarding /Mouse Skills
  • Coding/Programming
  • 1 computer per 1 child
  • Weekly Class Report 
Jr. LEGO Robotic Classes ( Ages 3 to 5 )
  • Build LEGO Robots ! Learn STEAM Skills !
  • Learn to code/program in Real Time !
  • Enjoy Fun Weekly Challenges
Contact us at : 407  788-1221
Three Boys in Orlando City Youth Soccer Class
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